The Bouquet as a Bridal Accessory


Unfortunately a lot of ladies pay little attention to their bridal bouquet because they are going to throw it away at the end of the day. However, note that bouquets far from being much needed distractions used to keep your extremely nervous hands occupied (because let’s face it, someone’s about to put a ring on it);can also be amazing accessories. Play your bouquet up by using bold colours such as splashes of red, sunny yellow and screaming hot pink, holding the flowers together with artful designs that show off the selection of leaves, twigs, sprigs, ribbon, fabrics, and even–hello!–jewellery! Remember how diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Yup.

The more beautiful and inspired your bouquet, the better it will look as a lovely prop when you’re taking your amazing wedding photographs!

End of lesson, consider yourselves schooled.

Image from Pinterest.


Musical Throwback Thursday: Late 90’s, Early 2k

There is something so comforting about nostalgia. The fuzzy feelings it reawakens, the longing for the past and simultaneous hope for the future, the glazed over eyes and sighs. Now bring in early 2000’s musical acts and you get nostalgia of a different kind. You remember that excitement that was in the air at the turn of the millennium? On this side of the planet, a lot of folks thought the world would end. Bunkers were built, holes were dug, and two minutes after the New Year countdown, a few were left scratching their heads because against all odds, the world was still going round 😀 Continue reading

Wedding Inspiration: XOXO, Gossip Girl

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that the popular a-few-years-back American television show Gossip Girl was a cosy safe haven for all lovers of fashion and haute couture. If they weren’t smothering you with oh-so-casual name dropping of high fashion designers, they were busy preparing the show’s signature killer high fashion outfits to be showcased in the next episode. This is exactly why when season 5 came about and one of the female leads Blair Waldorf got tangled in a messy story arch that involved her, a heretofore unknown and somewhat boring European prince, and a wedding; fashion and lifestyle lovers all over were chomping at the bit to know just what the show’s stylists would come up with in terms of la wedding dress. Continue reading

A Kazawa Event: The Purple and Yellow May Affair

If Nairobi had seasons, then this June affair would definitely have passed for the perfect summer wedding. However as it stood, the day dawned dark and gloomy–typical for May as this month signals the beginning of the cold season in Nairobi’s capital. Thankfully luck was on the bride’s side as the sombre weather dissolved into a beautiful, crisp sunny day complete with a clear blue sky and a gentle summer breeze. Continue reading

Theme Party Idea: Maleficent

Disney’s newly released film Maleficent presents audiences with cinematography that so beautifully captures the bold settings and costumes presented. The brooding slashes of deep purple and green, bright forest colours straight from the pages of an epic fantasy novel, overall regalia, and underlying dark theme made us wonder how awesome it would be to host a Maleficent-themed party! Not only will it provide amazing costume ideas, but think of the decor! From swanky lounge furniture to suit a corporate gig to eclectic fairy props for a more upbeat weekend–the ideas this presents are endless! Continue reading

Hello Walkway! Part 1

…Where we give you fun ways to spruce up your walkway on D-Day!

If we are getting real about it, your wedding day is probably going to pass by in one big blur. However, one aspect about it that you will remember for a long time to come will be the long walk down the aisle before you say ‘I do’. Nerves will be there, and sure, you’re going to be praying that you don’t trip. A lot of silly thoughts will be running through your mind one of which will be, “I love how the flowers turn out!” In short, anything and everything meant to keep yourself calm will be flitting through your brain, and that catwalk is going to be the longest and most vivid of your life. Ere go a lot of brides when planning their wedding pay attention to their walkway because not only will it form a huge chunk of their wedding memory, but it is also a very central aspect of the ceremony decor. After all, all eyes will be on the bride. Continue reading

Eye Candy

Nothing can brighten up a party as well as a table laid out with the best desserts in town. Think chocolate, cupcakes, syrupy drinks, and lots of candy! Not only will such a setup add to the visual appeal, but in this case what you see will really taste as good as it looks! And don’t worry that the idea is too childish because desserts work for just about anything: birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, weekend corporate events and even weddings. So what are you waiting for? Hit up the local dessert shop pronto! Continue reading